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The beginning of our company is due to a wagon-maker, where were produced wagon-wheels, sleigh, ski, wooden ladder, carriage as well as a lot of things for the agricultural use, manual produced from wood.

Wagon-maker Karl Lechner sen. bought during the Years of the second world war a piece of land that were built with a workshop in 1947. In 1949 were attached an apartment house. Both were enlarged in some steps during the next years.

As Karl Lechner jun. made his education to a master joiner were produced wooden windows, doors and gates because for wagon-maker-products were no further demand. Karl Lechner produced wooden windows that were usual at that time before he changed the production to plastic windows.

In 1967 were started the Production of Plasterer Floats. The founder of our actual company Karl Lechner and his brother Josef Lechner registered in 1967Poly-Urethan Plasterer Floats foamed in one piece” for a patent.

This new product were introduced to bricklayers, Plasterers and screed-layers, because since this time there were used wooden Floats. As this article were implemented in the market our company concentrated themselves to the production of Plasterer Floats.

Because this article were full implemented in the market, in 1978 a further neighbouring piece of land were bought. On it were built our actual production building.

In December 1979 were founded the LECNER Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH from Karl and Christa Lechner. The old part of our buildings were renovated in 1998.

This day is our company directed by the oldest daughter of Karl and Christa Lechner, Petra Veicht and her husband Hans Veicht.

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