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Floats made of plastic or wood for customers worldwide

Choose quality made in Germany.

The indispensable helpers for bricklaying! Since 1967, Lechner Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH has been producing wooden and plastic floats as well as boards with linings for perfect bricklaying work. Then as now, our company is characterised by high-quality standards. We attach great importance to high-quality materials and careful processing to produce a long-lasting, safe article.

At our company site in Grosshoehenrain in Feldkirchen-Westerham, we manufacture floats for customers worldwide. All goods are made in Germany from our production. Benefit from our many years of experience.

light stabel form abrasion-proof

The advantages and areas of application of the floats
– the right model for every requirement

We offer the following floats:

Plastic Floats made of polyurethane:


These floats are foamed in one piece. We formulate our polyurethane ourselves in our factory from various PUR raw materials. Thanks to the special structure of the foam, a uniform hardness is guaranteed over the entire board. They are the ideal choice for compacting plaster and screed, as air pockets in the material are removed by rolling small stones and grains of sand.

Plastic Floats | Lechner Floats

Wooden floats:

Our wooden grating boards are made of 12 mm thick plywood from sustainably managed plantation forests and do not require nails, screws or staples. The total of seven layers are glued waterproof. The foamed polyurethane handle forms an absolutely firm connection to the plywood. Perfectly suited for rubbing cement plasters and screeds, the wooden rubbing boards ensure even abrasion and are not fibrous.

Wodden Floats | Lechner Floats

Plastic floats with coverings:

The carrier board of this design is also made of dimensionally stable polyurethane foam and additionally a sponge. It is lighter than other carrier boards and therefore particularly pleasant to use. The full-surface bonding of all coverings ensures a smooth structure, even with soft coverings.

Plastic Floats with Layers | Lechner Floats
Our products are Made in Germany

Every rubbing board in our range is light, dimensionally stable and abrasion-resistant, does not absorb moisture, is easy to clean and also has the best rubbing properties.

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Your team at Lechner Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH

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